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 Articles scientifiques

On-Target Pharmacodynamic Activity of the PI3K Inhibitor Copanlisib in Paired Biopsies from Patients with Malignant Lymphoma and Advanced Solid Tumors.

Auteurs : Morschhauser F, Machiels JP, Salles G, Rottey S, Rule SAJ, Cunningham D, Peyrade F, Fruchart C, Arkenau HT, Genvresse I, Liu L, Köchert K, Shen K, Kneip C, Peña CE, Grevel J, Zhang J, Cisternas G, Reschke S, Granvil C, Awada A
Année : 2020
Journal : Mol Cancer Ther
Volume : 19
Pages : 468-478

Long-term outcome of decompensated alcohol-related liver disease with steatohepatitis and Maddrey's discriminant function <32.

Auteurs : Degré D, Stauber RE, Englebert G, Sarocchi F, Verset L, Rainer F, Spindelboeck W, Njimi H, Trépo E, Gustot T, Lackner C, Deltenre P, Moreno C
Année : 2020
Journal : J Hepatol

Cardiotoxicity of trastuzumab given for 12 months compared to shorter treatment periods: a systematic review and meta-analysis of six clinical trials.

Auteurs : Eiger D, Franzoi MA, Pondé N, Brandão M, de Angelis C, Schmitt Nogueira M, de Hemptinne Q, de Azambuja E
Année : 2020
Journal : ESMO Open
Volume : 5

Lucitanib for the Treatment of HR<sup>+</sup>/HER2<sup>-</sup> Metastatic Breast Cancer: Results from the Multicohort Phase II FINESSE Study.

Auteurs : Hui R, Pearson A, Cortes J, Campbell C, Poirot C, Azim HA Jr, Fumagalli D, Lambertini M, Daly F, Arahmani A, Perez-Garcia J, Aftimos P, Bedard PL, Xuereb L, Scheepers ED, Vicente M, Goulioti T, Loibl S, Loi S, Pierrat MJ, Turner NC, Andre F, Curigliano G
Année : 2020
Journal : Clin Cancer Res
Volume : 26
Pages : 354-363

Management of cardiac disease in cancer patients throughout oncological treatment: ESMO consensus recommendations.

Auteurs : Curigliano G, Lenihan D, Fradley M, Ganatra S, Barac A, Blaes A, Herrmann J, Porter C, Lyon AR, Lancellotti P, Patel A, DeCara J, Mitchell J, Harrison E, Moslehi J, Witteles R, Calabro MG, Orecchia R, de Azambuja E, Zamorano JL, Krone R, Iakobishvili Z, Carver J, Armenian S, Ky B, Cardinale D, Cipolla CM, Dent S, Jordan K
Année : 2020
Journal : Ann Oncol
Volume : 31
Pages : 171-190

A simplified frailty scale predicts outcomes in transplant-ineligible patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma treated in the FIRST (MM-020) trial.

Auteurs : Facon T, Dimopoulos MA, Meuleman N, Belch A, Mohty M, Chen WM, Kim K, Zamagni E, Rodriguez-Otero P, Renwick W, Rose C, Tempescul A, Boyle E, Manier S, Attal M, Moreau P, Macro M, Leleu X, Lorraine Chretien M, Ludwig H, Guo S, Sturniolo M, Tinel A, Silvia Monzini M, Costa B, Houck V, Hulin C, Yves Mary J
Année : 2020
Journal : Leukemia
Volume : 34
Pages : 224-233

Oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): Does number of metastasis matter?

Auteurs : Giaj-Levra N, Giaj Levra M, Berghmans T, Novello S, Hendriks LE, Levy A, Besse B, Dingemans AC
Année : 2020
Journal : Lung Cancer
Volume : 139
Pages : 216-218

Osteoporosis treatment gap in a prospective cohort of volunteer women.

Auteurs : Iconaru L, Smeys C, Baleanu F, Kinnard V, Moreau M, Cappelle S, Surquin M, Rubinstein M, Rozenberg S, Paesmans M, Karmali R, Bergmann P, Body JJ
Année : 2020
Journal : Osteoporos Int

Novel therapeutic options for radioiodine-refractory thyroid cancer: redifferentiation and beyond.

Auteurs : Bulotta S, Celano M, Costante G, Russo D
Année : 2020
Journal : Curr Opin Oncol
Volume : 32
Pages : 13-19

Adjuvant chemotherapy for rectal cancer: Current evidence and recommendations for clinical practice.

Auteurs : Bregni G, Akin Telli T, Camera S, Deleporte A, Moretti L, Bali AM, Liberale G, Holbrechts S, Hendlisz A, Sclafani F
Année : 2020
Journal : Cancer Treat Rev
Volume : 83
Pages : 101948

A pooled analysis of the cardiac events in the trastuzumab adjuvant trials.

Auteurs : de Azambuja E, Ponde N, Procter M, Rastogi P, Cecchini RS, Lambertini M, Ballman K, Aspitia AM, Zardavas D, Roca L, Gelber Rd, Piccart-Gebhart M, Suter T
Année : 2020
Journal : Breast Cancer Res Treat
Volume : 179
Pages : 161-171

Management of chronic testicular pain due to thoracolumbar junction syndrome: A pilot study.

Auteurs : Aoun F, Malek E, Kazan D, Albisinni S, Peltier A, Bollens R, Roumeguère T
Année : 2020
Journal : Prog Urol

Analysis of inflammatory markers and hormones in old cancer patients: A descriptive study.

Auteurs : De Breucker S, Luce S, Njemini R, Bautmans I, Decoster L, Mets T, Pepersack T
Année : 2020
Journal : Exp Gerontol
Volume : 130
Pages : 110787

Retrospective analysis of the immunogenic effects of intra-arterial locoregional therapies in hepatocellular carcinoma: a rationale for combining selective internal radiation therapy (SIRT) and immunotherapy.

Auteurs : Craciun L, de Wind R, Demetter P, Lucidi V, Bohlok A, Michiels S, Bouazza F, Vouche M, Tancredi I, Verset G, Garaud S, Naveaux C, Galdon MG, Gallo KW, Hendlisz A, Derijckere ID, Flamen P, Larsimont D, Donckier V
Année : 2020
Journal : BMC Cancer
Volume : 20
Pages : 135

[A survey of Belgian practice for non-malignant diseases].

Auteurs : Van Houtte P, Remouchamps V, Lievens Y
Année : 2020
Journal : Cancer Radiother

Features, Evaluation and Treatment Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Auteurs : Cascella M, Rajnik M, Cuomo A, Dulebohn SC, Di Napoli R
Année : 2020
Journal : 0

Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T-Cell Therapy for B-Cell Hematological Malignancies: An Update of the Pivotal Clinical Trial Data.

Auteurs : Roex G, Feys T, Beguin Y, Kerre T, Poiré X, Lewalle P, Vandenberghe P, Bron D, Anguille S
Année : 2020
Journal : Pharmaceutics
Volume : 12

Head-and-Neck MRI-only radiotherapy treatment planning: From acquisition in treatment position to pseudo-CT generation.

Auteurs : Largent A, Marage L, Gicquiau I, Nunes JC, Reynaert N, Castelli J, Chajon E, Acosta O, Gambarota G, de Crevoisier R, Saint-Jalmes H
Année : 2020
Journal : Cancer Radiother

The core spliceosomal factor U2AF1 controls cell-fate determination via the modulation of transcriptional networks.

Auteurs : Laaref AM, Manchon L, Bareche Y, Lapasset L, Tazi J
Année : 2020
Journal : RNA Biol
Pages : 1-15

The Impact of Thyroid Disorders on Clinical Pregnancy Outcomes in a Real-World Study Setting.

Auteurs : Sitoris G, Veltri F, Kleynen P, Cogan A, Belhomme J, Rozenberg S, Pepersack T, Poppe K
Année : 2020
Journal : Thyroid
Volume : 30
Pages : 106-115