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National health plan for cancer patients!

Press release (10/04/2020) A national health plan for cancer patients to avoid a wave of collateral victims! Brussels, 10 April 2020 – The crisis linked to the Covid-19 virus is currently responsible for a slowdown across the range of care needed in the treatment of cancer. As cancer is a major cause of mortality in Belgium the consequences of this must not be under-estimated. The Jules Bordet Institute, the Belgian reference centre for…
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Coronavirus COVID-19 – Appeal for donations

27/03/2020  Coronavirus COVID-19 – Appeal for donations For several weeks now our teams have been working non-stop to prepare optimal care for our patients in the context of the coronavirus epidemic. The care staff are training and the care units are equipped themselves and reorganising.    Would you like to support the Jules Bordet Institute during this pandemic?   “The Friends of the Bordet Institute”, the Institute’s principal private…
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COVID 19 : Appel aux bénévoles

27/03/2020 Covid19 – Les hôpitaux publics bruxellois ont besoin de vous !  Toute aide est précieuse pour aider le personnel au sein des hôpitaux ou soulager leur charge domestique . Rejoignez la plateforme des bénévoles ! 
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Merci !!!

Communiqué de presse des hôpitaux du réseau iris (26/03/2020) Nos travailleurs vous remercient à leur tour ! Au terme d’une première semaine d’instauration du confinement généralisé, nous tenons à remercier tous nos concitoyens pour la sympathie dont ils font preuve à l’égard des équipes de soins et de toutes les personnes dont les services sont, chaque jour, indispensables. Tous les soirs à 20h, le cœur de nombre d’entre nous est serré…
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Coronavirus Patient Information Number - 02 / 541.39.80

Coronavirus Patient Information Number - 02 / 541.39.80 Please call only if it concerns: an appointment for a consultation or a medico-technical act an admission or a surgery if you are a general practitioner and have a question about a patient
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Coronavirus COVID-19

13/03/2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 Recommendations from the Jules Bordet Institute FOR VISITORS
To best protect patients and the care professionals who look after them against infection with coronavirus COVID-19, it has been decided to no longer allow visits to patients hospitalised at the Jules Bordet Institute, except in exceptional cases.  If you want news of your hospitalised relatives or friends, please contact the service by…
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Appeal for blood donors

 13/03/2020 The Red Cross launches an appeal for blood donors  The coronavirus is also affecting blood donations.  Stocks are at a critical level! The Red Cross is appealing to the generosity of all persons aged 18 and over weighing at least 50 kg and in good health to act as quickly as possible and to give some blood.  Giving blood is not an act that involves risk, not even in the present context dominated by COVID-19.  Where to give…
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iris hospital network press release (11/03/2020) Coronavirus:
IRIS, the network of public hospitals in Brussels, announces a limit on visits. In the interests of patients and staff, the public hospitals in Brussels have decided to impose a strict limit on visitors to hospital services, effective from this Wednesday 11 March. The hospitals concerned are therefore the Queen Fabiola Children's University Hospital, the Saint-Pierre…
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